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30 October 2000
Dan's on the slide.

Days of falling to bits slowly. You've all been there. The bow unstringed, the radio detuned.

By day eight you lose even the iron-man momentum of seeing how abraded you can be without losing function. Day ten and the slope becomes a gleaming blackblack wall at your back, and no floor to be seen. Day twelve and the bleed hits.


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NEW! Available for download from this site is a patch for the Vagus nerve. Using this, the nerve's instinctive prevention of self-asphyxiation by holding your breath can be corrected.

NOTE: This patch is intended for self-termination in a low-tension environment. Avernotech cannot take responsibility for glitches occurring during pursuit, direct engagement with hostile forces or sexual activity. Please remember that certain agencies possess mechanisms to prolong involuntary respiration indefinitely.

To download your patch, click here.

What happens when the last light goes off? At 10:34am, the entire remaining population of London, including the Prime Minister and most of his cabinet, "downloaded their consciousnesses" into an Avernotech mainframe. Emergency services, describing their response as "undermanned", are pessimistic regarding their chances of clearing the bodies before extensive decomposition sets in. The St. James' Park lime pits are being reopened as of this evening. Volunteers are being requested.

Examination of the mainframe showed no increase in memory or processor usage. All attempts to make contact with the "downloaded" have once again failed.

UpsideClown London is no longer broadcasting. UpsideClown Manchester will continue to receive and disseminate reports through the quarantine zone. Please, keep talking.


Introite y Upsideclown, novin versine corajon.

XXX action anal fisting Upsideclown lolita lesbian Britney pregnant teen

The world where it worked. Still looking. Were where it worked to work out, where would the world the world the world where it works where would it work?

if somebody wants to search for something which isn't on the Internet?

So, welcome to Upsideclown, an online enterprise from the University of Massachussetts archive department.

The big idea is, you post me ( with any names or concepts which search engines have failed to turn up. I'll research them in the UMass libraries, and put whatever I find up on this site.
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Feels warm. Warm that itches. Warm like I shouldn't be here. I've never seen you before.

Upsideclown in Hollywood

Autopederast child star Samedi Jones declared her engagement today to director of her billion-grossing smash Munchkin Lunch, Willem van Kanst, 58. Said Samedi in a lisping, singsong voice, hitching her skirt up and swinging her legs unselfconsciously, "It's not about the money. I've made my millions and now I want the respect of my peers. Did you know that Pia fucking Zadora gets invited to better parties than I do?"

Kanst, visibly agitated, added, "I don't see anything wrong. It's not like I'm going to touch her or anything. Not until she's 18. I'll just watch."

Upsideclown New York: UpsideRoundUp

Violence at Snakecharmer Joe's closing-down sale. High Heel used as murder weapon in transvestite Mafia hit. Mother eats baby, self. Love isolated by accident in bioweapons laboaratory.


10.19.00 Well, as you may have heard in what's left of the press, the University of Massachussetts is no more. It's a damned shame.

I'm not quite sure what to do with the site. I've got the server in my basement now, so as long as they don't cut the connections off. I was thinking of maybe using this as a messageboard for folks like us to keep in touch. What does everybody think?

10.15.00 The link to my home town of Abilene, Texas is back up (in about me). Enjoy it while you can!

10.09.00 Auburn's very own mountain bike Mecca isn't answering calls, and their site hasn't been updated recently. I tried a little harder, and nothing in Auburn is contactable. Best of luck to the guys, but it doesn't look good. If anybody's got any information on Auburn, mai.

Like lights like alights on like

Upsideclown: Consanguinity EP. 4 tracks, 21 min.

  1. Fourth Wall.
  2. Bar Colour
  3. The Train less Taken
  4. Stone is Better Hero


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Upsideclown in Heaven and Hell: My Page to the Lost Love

eb site of radio free Upsideclown. They'll probably come when night falls.
We're out of food anyway. Here's the playlist for tod

Come back to yourself. I promise not to be there.


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