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Voter Apathy

26 April 2001
Neil doesn't give a shit.

Cos what difference does it make anyway and why should I care when one cross won't change a thing. The election's foregone and this one's always a safe seat; besides, no politician will pay any more than lip service to the hard-line centerism both parties espouse.

And what difference does it make, what's it to me when the bombing's decided in Washington, both wanna cut my taxes and I'll be pushing up daisies before the serious flooding kicks in. No government will make my drugs legal, no government will help me get laid. I'm with the islands, the havens, the hand-to-mouthers, the queers on the scene, too busy living it large to notice they still have no rights, that Pride's become a party.

Why should I care where my bank invests its my money if it gives me the returns I desire, who owns my paper if it tells me the news, about famine victims that disappear at the click of a button. Why should I waste time on extremists and loonies, campaigns that have no hope of success. And what's it to me if the media call a demo a riot, before it has even begun.

So what difference does it make if these laws get introduced because nobody opposed them, making it illegal to belong to any group a politician cares to name terrorist; why should I care if legislation to seize assets without proof of guilt, mobile phones constantly transmitting your location, facial recognition CCTV and government archives of all our electronic data mean that a police state could be established over night. I've got nothing to hide. What difference does it make to me?


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