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My Fabulous Weekend

9 July 2001
Neil couldn't have liked it more.

Yeah, the party was great in the end; we'd squatted this abandoned nursery in Hackney and, I mean, you should have seen the state of it when we first went in but we just about got it ready in time and it went right through till morning. We got a bit of hassle from the police, of course, but we managed to blag them and they couldn't really be bothered to do anything about it. Yeah, I must've left about seven, fell asleep on the bus on the way home actually- should've taken some of that whizz I got offered.

Nah, I just really got to know them by getting involved in this but they're a great bunch of people. Well there are two of them that really set the ball rolling: he's a bit of an S&M freak and she used to work answering the phones in a brothel, which is a great way of shutting them up when they ask about past employment down the social. We had the Sex Workers Union with us on the march, actually, naked except for boots and body paint, so as you can imagine that got us quite a bit of welcome attention.

Well it's massive, isn't it? TVs, drag queens, go-go boys, the lot, right through the centre of the city. Hard to believe anyone's got a problem with it at all. Except for the Christians, of course, the way-out ones. Well, I am now, but actually I used to be an evangelical myself, just for a little while. Nah, I mean, I believed in all that and everything but I never quite got round to it personally: I wasn't a very good fundamentalist.

Well then on Sunday I had to stagger out of bed to get to this meeting: you know, these revolutionary socialists I've been doing stuff with. That's right, the guys I's with on Mayday. Oh yeah, I's there, Oxford Circus and everything. Well, no, I'd left before all of that- I'd just got bored I guess, it didn't look like anything was gonna happen. I'm kind've slowly getting to know them better, y'know? One guy was at the party with me the night before- he's been inside for a bit, actually, assaulting a policeman: well, it was one of these demos and they were just whacking each other weren't they, you know what it's like.

They're all off to Genoa this month, G8. I'd wanted to go with them but I've got this friend coming down who I haven't seen for ages and you know how important people are to me. Yeah, a guy I knew from school- he was a great laugh, used to piss about something chronic. No, I was a bit of a goodie-goodie tragically. I mean, I had this kinda underlying seething rebelliousness going on but never really managed to break my programming until later.

Him? Nah, just a guy I know from work. Yeah, I work with the homeless; yeah, I really enjoy it. It is weird though cos I live above where we work with this South African guy . . . no, black South African, and so we do see the people we work with all about the place pretty much every time we go out. Some are happier to see you than others but he's one of the friendliest. Total smackhead, but he's a really nice guy.

Yeah, you get a lot of substance misuse cases, a lot of mental health, but I's kinda prepared for all of that cos a lot of my friends from university were, y'know, the people who were a bit loony that no-one else really bothered with. A lot of depressives, a lot of OCDs; there was this one mate of mine who nearly got sectioned that I had to chase around the halls trying to get him to cough up the twenty paracetamol he'd just downed, he was a right . . . sorry? Um, well embarrassingly it was Classics; I did kinda enjoy it but obviously it's not much use for anything. Er, no; Oxford actually.


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