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17 March 2003
Jamie's been rehearsing

Question: So, Jamie, what do you do for a living?

[Genuine Answer: I am a parasite. I am variously hated, feared, and viewed with suspicion by the majority of people I speak to during the day. Almost all of which is conducted purely over the telephone. I don't get out much.]

Textbook Answer: I'm an IT recruitment consultant.

Q: Recruitment? So you're a people person then?

[GA: People? Don't make me laugh. People are commodities to me. A candidate's lucky if his CV's worth the paper it's printed on. Not that many of them get printed. I have a 'special folder' for all over 40's, foreigners, graduates and females (pregnancy potential - no one likes them). I'll be lovely to you if I think I'm going to make some cash out of you, mind.]

TA: Not 100% - it's primarily a sales job. Although it is made better by the fact that you're working with people to further their career, to build teams; that's where the satisfaction comes in, the feeling that you are finding people - whether clients or candidates - what they want.

Q: Sales? How come? What do you sell?

[GA: My soul. Every hour of every day, for a pittance and little or no thanks.]

TA: It's primarily our service. What we offer is an added value to a client's recruitment process, and that's what we have to convey in our conversations with them - we bring a network of contacts, a certain level of market knowledge and a lot of man-hours that the client just wouldn't be prepared - or able - to put in themselves.

Q: So you work hard then?

[GA: Depends. I work long hours. But when I've been out the night before and come in slightly pissed and ever-so slightly caned, I can while away the hours on email and the web with the best of them.]

TA: Of course! With this job, the more you put in the more you get out, and that means results which also means money. But there's a real work hard play hard mentality, so we have a pretty good time while we're at it!

Q: And you're in Amsterdam, which helps...

[GA: Of course. Do you think I'd still be in the job if I wasn't here?]

TA: Well, what I applied for first was the opportunity to join a company that was going places. Then they offer me the chance to set up a whole new company in a foreign country. Which country is pretty irrelevant - it's a great career move first and foremost.

Q: So, any regrets?

[GA: Funnily enough, no. Of course I would have loved my dream job (whatever that might have been), but the fact is I got given an opportunity when there wasn't a hell of a lot else about, I have essentially started up my own company and made a success of it, and it's keeping me out here. And if it wasn't for this job, would I have spent yesterday afternoon walking around a park in brilliant sunshine wearing Prada shoes and Prada sunglasses, ever so marginally hung over from a night in a club ten minutes' walk from my house, surrounded by tall, beautiful blondes who thought my attempts to speak their language were endearing? And would I be going back to a flat on a canal, with a fat widescreen TV and DVD player, and floors installed by the same guy that did Lenny Kravitz's apartment? I don't think I could honestly answer that with a yes.]

TA: No regrets. Although I sometimes miss my friends in London, but they can come over here and to be honest London's such a big place you never see each other as you mean to anyway. All in all, I'm pretty happy.

[100% GA: I lied about the tall beautiful blondes.]


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