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A Letter From Prisyn

30 April 2001
James has been shown the future.

Dear Comrades,

I have been reading your publication regularly over the past few months, and, needless to say, it has shed a whole new world of light over my current incarceration at the hands of our police state. It has inspired me, up till recently a quiet and reserved persyn, resigned to my position in this slave-labour camp of capitalism, to research deeply into revolutionary theories, and now, after many months of intensive study, i have reached some conclusions that i would very much like to share with you, and also your readers.

But first, i would like to begin with my own story, to help place my new fervour in its correct context. My life began, as it does with so many others, within the lower ranks of the bourgeois classes. My childhood and adolescence were both normal and uninspiring, and an unfocussed disillusionment led to minor rebellion. Now, as a young adult, i see that the rage of my early years was directly a result of the social and cultural oppression of the capitalist system and the bourgeois class that i simultaneously resented, envied and inadvertently served.

Looking back at my behaviour, i now know that it was my unconscious refusal to become a slave of the ruling class that led me to my unconventional way of life. I now understand my crime (crime, having been defined as such by the owners of the means of production, totally reliant on the unequal distribution of resources, and thus the need to enforce the bourgeois notion of property rights) as an attempt to dispossess the ruling classes of their meaningless material possessions that represent the trappings of control of the means of production, in order to shake from them the over-confidence in the system and show that a revolution is necessary to end the oppression of one humyn by another.

My story is just one of many similar within the prisyn system of a capitalist hegemony. A system that is designed to 'correct' the desire of disenchanted and disenfranchised members of the oppressed class who choose to express their feelings by challenging the unjust 'rules' of the system. Looking, as i do now, at their so-called 'crimes' in the context of the ongoing class war, shows these people to be the natural leaders of and participants in the inevitable uprising of the oppressed against the oppressors. For example, i once shared a cell with a man 'convicted' of liberating for the cause the contents of the till from an evil bourgeois establishment, committed to the continuing intoxication and therefore dominance over the working classes. By following his example, and targeting the uprising against such epitomes of capitalist control, the oppressed class will finally be free.

It is only now that i begin to wonder what has taken me so long to realise the naked truths underlying the oppression of the capitalist dictatorship. It is hardly surprising, given the current situation of the complete capitalist hegemony of society, typified and symbolised by the gradual colonisation of the world by the United $tates. Having observed this, Amerikkka is clearly now on the verge of implosion. For generations, the u.s. has been raised on the unhealthy diet (literally, as well as figuratively) of capitalism and its propaganda, and is now beginning to show signs of imminent violent revolution. The youth are disillusioned to a far greater extent than ever before in history. The violence at the end of Woodstock '99, the rise of the schoolroom massacre as a mode of teen expression, etc. etc. all show that the new generation are already militant and questioning the system under which they are being raised. The internet will provide an escape from the near constant barrage of propaganda to which they are exposed daily, and eventually, they will find the correct channel for their pent-up rage and frustration. Violent revolution to overthrow the capitalist system in favour of complete social justice will follow.

The subsequent rise in crime will inevitably lead to a further increase in the already huge prisyn population, a situation that will pour fuel on the flames of the initial sparks of revolt. The over-fed lackey politicians of the oppressive bourgeois classes will be faced with their own children revolting against them, and will be unable to stop it. In addition, any oppression by force by the capitalist regime can be met with vigorous force in return. Amerikkka truly has sown the seeds of its own destruction, especially by making weapon ownership not just a right, but practically a necessity in their 'modern' society. The masses are already armed for the revolutionary struggle.

After the violent revolution, the influence held over all other nations will inspire similar action around the world. The revolution will not be complete yet, though. The new transitional state structure must ensure that any forces of reactionism are not able to endanger the end of social oppression. Once this is ensured, there will be no more need for the state, as a completely equal and just society is necessarily self-preserving. It is attaining that situation that requires a violent rejection of the illusion of humyn rights and freedoms under capitalism.

The aim of my letter is simply to express my thanks to you for illuminating my road to clear thinking on society. You truly are well worthy of spearheading the revolutionary vanguard.

Be vigilant.


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