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Lesson 2: Buying his Gran for a tenner

22 May 2003
James is apparently not "instrumental" enough.

J. Tell you what, sell me your granny for a tenner.

F. What?

The shock tactic - always a good opener. Putting the mark off-guard is an excellent opener. Watch how what is an initial frivolous joke soon develops into a deeper conversation.

J. My final offer, no lower.

F. Nah, nah mate, nothing less than a pony. It is family after all.

J. Bah to you too. This ain't no 'Enders script.

F. Go on then, I'm listening. What's this idea then.

F is referring to the initial ploy for which J has called this meeting in the pub. Note the careful selection of venue: a public place so no scene will be made, and the convivial atmosphere conducive to "friendly banter" upon which this ploy rests. The carefully fostered close relationship between these makes the situation natural - a crucial ingredient in this situation.

J. Right. Pensions are crap, right? They are designed to preserve the waning lives of the near-dead, while feeding off the labours of the young and ambitious, i.e. you and me. Seniors get more and more senior, often living an entire normal working life after retirement. And what fun can they have, apart from putting the stair-lift on full speed, or putting slug-pellets in the bird-feeder?

F. ...

J. Exactly. So I've put my up-and-coming law career to good use and devised contracts whereby people who are "pensioner-rich" i.e. you, and sell off the burden to those of us who are less interested in immediate financial gain and are starting to consider our long-term financial stability.

F. ... I think I see.

J has only explained the plan vaguely and in fairly self-contradictory terms. Yet it is his strong relationship with F, and continuing "honesty" that are starting to win him over.

J. Of course you do. I knew you would. You see, you know me, I'm always the cautious, planning type. I've thought this through. And I know when you see a good idea. So I was thinking, who is the best man to trust with the first go at this?

F. Me, naturally. I can see where you going with this, yeah, tell me more. Solving the pension gap. We should tell B*****: he's in government and would think it's a great idea.

J has really got him going, and is letting F reach his own conclusions on the idea. And the vodka that J has been slipping in F's pints is helping too. Note how J built F in as an intergral part of the plan, the fact that he can be trusted, etc. But the whole conversation shows how J is clearly what we call the Instrumental member of the relationship, the leading partner (refer to chapers six and eight for more on the definitions).

J. Freeing up resources, taxes could be lowered, freeing pension funds from the volatility of the markets - you're the one always going on about that.

F. Yeah, definitely. Look, lets, give B***** a call to meet up next Thursday same place. He'll be so up for this.

J. So you're in? Wicked.

F. Yeah man, call me about it.

Now watch the killer blow.

J. In fact, my firm has already drawn up the papers. Sign there, and initial there.

F. What, oh OK.

J. And here's your tenner. Cheers.

They part friends, and J is now down a tenner, but up a Granny.


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