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Street Level Zero

27 February 2003
James looks forward, back and down

I won't specify a year, because if I do, then I'll look as naive as all those other sci-fi writers that predicted flying cars and space hotels for 1993.

Civilisation never changes. The same patterns continue, and are still continuing before our very eyes. Human population grows at an ever increasing rate. People flock to cities in order to find work and prosperity. At the same time, there is increasing pressure on rural areas to provide for more people. Smaller towns and villages were abandoned, and then cleared to make room for ever larger hyper-efficient farms. Still the trend goes on. People increase in number, more land is needed to graze or grow food, people must accumulate in cities, which have less to room to expand, because the farms need the land.

Nature is not an external force, but the result of countless individual creatures fighting to survive in the environment. The simple constraint on space means that human cities, as they could not spread outwards, must spread upwards. Huge towers grew into the sky, as the countryside gradually encroached on the city outskirts. Still no equilibrium has been reached - all that happens now is that farming techniques are become more efficient, more advanced. In some places, governments have spent to create the first multi-storey farms. Plants as well as humans have left the ground to enter the sky.

Back to our cities, and those sci-fi writers. There will be no flying cars. Too much power is required in too little space, and it will always be easier for men to build roads than to make cars fly. But cars will metaphorically fly, along with trains, bikes, and people themselves on huge soaring walkways that curl through the gaps between the towers, layer upon layer. It's these roadways and layers that have become the modern symbol of humanity - inspiration to a generation of artists and architects alike. But I am neither. My interest is in what has been going on beneath the beautiful swooping curves for several generations. A political secret that has been forgotten.

As our cities grew upwards, the bottom levels, Street Level Zero, were gradually abandoned. Starved of light, and drowning under the waste of the countless levels above, the ancient parts of the city became empty and toxic. Meanwhile, in the upper reaches, our government of the time decided to solve the problems of our overcrowded prisons (humanity had ended the death penalty a century earlier) by sending parties of prisoners into SLZ on "exploration an excavation service". The policy did not last more than ten years, as the public outcry grew and more and more people disappeared. Of the hundreds that were "sent down", only a handful survived to be rehabilitated. But their stories tell of the prisoners' attempts to survive on the underbelly of humanity. No expeditions were made to discover the fate of those that remained below.

But now humanity is faced with another hurdle of scarcity. The earth is becoming starved of the raw materials needed to build our cities of glory. Joachim has funded my department to explore the SLZ and to harvest the mineral-rich building materials of the ancients. He presumed that there would be little evidence of the Downers, thinking the heavy toxic atmosphere would have broken down their starved bodies centuries ago. But he underestimated mankind's adaptability and resilience. The story of the revolt starts here...


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