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High-Rise Rhapsody

24 January 2002
James won't keep you long.

Did you know you can tell time from cracks on the pavement?

From seventeen floors up, grapes make a loud cracking sound as they hit hot hard concrete. There's no-one around down there because no-one's been seen around here for weeks. They all moved out quick when they heard - they said I was mad for staying. But it's a beautiful day, it's hot, and I've got enough spare grapes to keep this game going for another couple of hours.

At the start of the game, I released a grape at the moment the previous hit the ground. With a little practice, this was easy, and the barren urban desert reverberated with a regular pulse. Sad, like the pacemaker that keeps ticking over, even after the old man is brain dead.

This regular beat gets into your head, and after a while you can leave out alternate grapes, dropping on one and three, and being echoed with a rock steady off-beat. And you've invented jazz. Real city-folk music. All from grapes being dropped off a tenement block balcony.

By far the hardest part of this game is to resist throwing the grapes - they must be dropped. If they are thrown even only slightly up or down, that will spoil the regularity of the beat, and make what is a pure one-city jam session into just some loser dropping his grapes from on high. Well I'm no loser. And this empty town is rocking.

The song goes bad after a while. No more good solid cracks, but deadened mushy splashes. If it was cloudier, would the puddle of grape juice start to turn into wine before it dried up into a scab of skin and pips?

Swirlsniffmmm, I'm getting traces of kiwi fruit and citrus tempered by the clear nose of social policy and a lingering aftertaste of impending doom. Ideal accompaniment for army ration biscuits, carrion and bitter resentment.

A few birds pass overhead and I watch as their shadows climb up the wall of the opposite tower. Re-assuring myself that I'm not in denial doesn't really help when you think about it. Like saying "I'm not lying" when someone thinks you are.

A few faces flash past. My old boss the day I got sacked ("...James, it's your fault we've got a culture of blame..."). Stuffed fucker in a tie. Showed him in the end though...

The sun seems to have got to me so I stop the game and go back inside the flat. My song is finished, and the empty city, once miserable but full of life, just then resounding to my grape-groove, lies quiet once more. I decide to leave.


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