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The Knight Of Spring Fervent

14 November 2002
James should get the Turner Prize.

Old Winter pass'd

Spring broke its fast

The swollen streams a-pouring

Through verdant mead

Infused with seed

Demeter gaz'd round adoring

Across field and row

To cockerel's crow

The new-born fawn did gambol

Into the scene

This Knight Supreme

Set forth upon his ramble

Defence of maides

And brigands laid

Of arms, this was his mission

His story told

Through mists of old

Laid down without omission

And this good Sir

Thro' oak and fir

Did wearily spur his steed

O'er dale and glen

And fern and fen

Fair, Aiding those in need


But not far gone

Hearing cries alone

And weeping lamentation

A widow fair

In deep despair

Of husband lost at station

His feet hit land

He grasp'd her hand

Tears welling in his eyes

"To ease thy suff'ring

my all I'm off'ring

To beauty scarr'd by sighs"

Her arms thrown wide

"Pray come inside

Every fire requires a stoker

Two thousand groans

And warm ahones

Are stuff'd within thy poker"

And this good Sir

Thro' oak and fir

Did wearily spur his steed

O'er dale and glen

And fern and fen

Fair, Aiding those in need


At fountain bright

He did alight

To quench his mighty thirst

When across the glade

A scream was made

Troth, he fear'd the worst

But gone was his dread

He spy'd instead

Budding youth turned into flower

Two maidens bold

One bronze, one gold

Bathing bare under the shower

They call'd his name

"Sir, join our game"

Tho' t'was against his will

With one heav'n sent

And t'other hell bent

From him they took their fill

And this good Sir

Thro' oak and fir

Did wearily spur his steed

O'er dale and glen

And fern and fen

Fair, Aiding those in need


The morn was gone

He came upon

A mob of brigands vicious

In barn of grass

They'd trapped a lass

With clear intent malicious

They plan'd to drench

This country wench

And tore her clothes asunder

In ran our knight

Declar'd his might

His lance prepar'd for plunder

Our damsel sav'd

From men deprav'd

Her honour safe for now

She asked, "How may

I my debt repay?"

Our Knight did show her how

And this good Sir

Thro' oak and fir

Did wearily spur his steed

O'er dale and glen

And fern and fen

Fair, Aiding those in need.


The day drew close

He sought repose

And rode on to find an inn

An old grey gent

All grizzl'd and bent

Allowed him a room within

In the midnight hour

Host cracks Knight's door

"Sir, my wife she has a sweet whim.

She's gone and flit!"

But when lamp was lit

This was the sight to greet him

His wife was lain

With garters twain

Our Knight poised above her

"I cast thee out

And have no doubt

The devil take thee and thy lover"

And this good Sir

Thro' oak and fir

Did wearily spur his steed

O'er dale and glen

And fern and fen

Fair, Aiding those in need


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