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My drift's too hip to resist.

27 December 2001
It's about time James really vented some spleen.

I'm fat from over-eating and knackered from yet another night on the town. But I'm still angry. Very very angry.

There's plenty to be angry about, but what really gets my goat is the music industry.

And in specific, when I heard Pete Waterman say on TV that he would never let any of his acts (this is the great man who brought us Kylie and Jason et al), sing live on Top of the Pops. He said that he couldn't see why people would want to listen to people singing live when they could just mime to the record and it would sound the same as the record.

Suddenly, this man jumped to the top of my hit list, finally toppling Richard Whitely from the number one spot. I have a feeling he'll stay there for a while, too.

Some may say that I'm being a music fascist, that Pete Waterman is successful because people buy his 'artists' tracks, and just because it's popular doesn't mean that it's bad. In fact, doesn't it's popularity mean that it is 'good'?

No, of course it doesn't.

Because pop music has nothing to do with music. The music industry is just like many other consumer-focussed industries, and over the past decade, big industry has discovered a way to sell loads more goods - branding. The idea of a brand and brand image is to give the consumer something more than what they're physically buying. Marlboro Country, case in point. Also Nike projecting themselves as the pure idea of sport (remember them completely cloaking Cathy Freeman in Sydney. She embodied the idea of sport, covered from head to toe, but with a swoosh). So brands sell, not products.

Pop music the exactly this. When a teenage girl goes and buys a 5ive cd, is she really interested in what the music actually sounds like? No, with the help of music shows, Ant Dec and Cat, teeny mags, by buying that cd and playing the music contained within, the teenage girl has a little bit of a picture perfect world of shiny teeth, clear skin and nice boys. Why do Westlife never do any original songs? Because they don't have to. As long as the sounds go vaguely with the pictures of the pop music brand image, then the music itself doesn't matter. And the record companies rake it in.

In terms of trends, though, music always lags a few years behind reality. The world became branded in the eighties and nineties, music has about finally woken up to it in the last few years. But now, the big brands are beginning to get hit by scandal. Marlboro cigarettes might take you to a promised land, but only after a long and painful death hacking up tar and bits of lung. Nike projects the image of pure sport, but employs armies of indentured teenage girls to manufacture them, and markets them hardest to the poorest sections of western countries, so that kids get stabbed for their shoes. Big brand companies are getting bitten because their actual products in the real world can not live up to the expectations of their brand imagery.

If history repeats itself, then the music industry will eventually catch up with these new trends. Although 'alternative' music movements have either died out or got sucked into the big industry, eventually consumers will tire of the same tired songs being churned out again and again. There is only a limited number of songs out there to cover. And big supermarkets started stocking organic ranges because consumers wanted it. I'm ready for real organic music now.

So, people of the world, be ready for some real music. I have my nine-man army ready, and our drift's too hip to resist. We're beaming down with phasers set on funk. I'll sing live on Top of the Pops, with Pete Waterman's head on a pole, smiling back at me.


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