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19 February 2001
George will return more powerful than you can possibly imagine.

Welcome! This is the nomination form for the 2001 Leamington Spa Entertainment Awards. This is when you get the god-given chance to choose your favourite entertainment events from attractive Leamington Spa over the past 12 months. The bands that made you laugh; the films that made you cry; the art exhibitions that loosened your bladder control - if they happened in Leamington in the last year, they'll be here now. Please feel free to add comments about your choice.

After completing your form, please return it to Felicity Holder, Leamington Courier, 32 Hamilton Terrace, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire. Completed forms received before 5th March 2001 will be entered into a prize draw to win a bottle of Veuve Cliquot champagne.

Best Live Band
Under the Influence Grass Style
Shimmy Season of Joy

Especially at the Hogs Head in November. This was the second time that she threw her pint over me, but I knew that it was out of affection. We'd been moving closer to the front to try and get a better look. I offered to hoist her up onto my shoulders, and reached for her thighs to lift her up when she turned round and slapped me cheekily. Then the pint. Such a wildcat!

Best Film
Gladiator Erin Brockovich
The Perfect Storm Cast Away

Where we "officially" met (neither of us have told our friends about that evening in the Pump Rooms!). I was waiting in the queue for popcorn when we caught each other's eye. And that was it really.

Best Book (From Leamington Spa Waterstones' bestsellers)
"Mr Commitment" Mike Gayle "The Brethren" John Grisham
"Marrying the Mistress" Joanna Trollop "JavaScript" David Flanagan

None really. I'm not a great reader, only leaflets and that, maybe a magazine or two. Helen reads, but I don't think that any of this lot would appeal, so I can't answer for her. The times that I've seen her with a book, it's generally been something off a GCSE reading list; dead English women in flowing gowns and heaving bosoms. I've tried buying her books that I thought she'd like, but she burnt them all.

Best Pub
The White Horse The Star and Garter
Winstons Robbin's Well

Although Winstons isn't a pub really - too many cocktails sold and not enough football played on the TVs. Wouldn't even normally nominate it, but Helen saw me there for the first time when I was out with a crowd. She and her mates went to the loo when they saw me. Must have thought I was a bouncer and were pooling their fake ID or something as they all scarpered really quick after that. She remembered me though.

If I could vote against one of these, it'd be the Horse. Not that it's not a good pub, but they served me the restraining order there. In front of my mates and all. Though it's the nearest pub to Helen's school, so they all go there at lunch. Got into the habit of going there too, just to try and see her after she got funny with me.

Best Wine Bar
Bar 44 The Ocean Glasnost
A tie; drinks in Bar 44 are better than the Ocean, but Bar 44's full of shirtlifters. Make your choice, I guess. Plus Helen's brother works in Bar 44 so you can guess about him. Not that he likes me but why should I care what a little pouf thinks?

Best Nightclub
Rio's Club Mirage
Options Sugar

Best DJs; loads of girls. Crap door policy for them actually; Helen said that girls who didn't look old enough could get in by pleasuring the bouncers But after they'd done that, they'd look like crap and no-one would want to pull them by then anyway. Losing both ways. Of course my girl never did anything like that. I'd know.

Thank-you for your time! The mayor will announce the winners on the 31st of March, and all prize-winning local establishments will receive a "Certificate of Recommendation" from the local council. Remember - every vote counts, and keep beautiful Leamington Spa beautiful!


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