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Recorded Delivery

23 January 2003
George is filling in the blanks

23 January 2003

Mr G ----

London 020 74----



I am writing to advise you of your right of appeal against the decision of the Governors of XXXXXX not to reinstate XXXX to the school. XXXX was permanently excluded from XXXXXX on 6th January 2003, and this decision was confirmed by the Governors on 17th January.

The decision to exclude XXXX was made after he called a member of staff a "prick" and a "fucking dick", and throwing a chair into a crowded classroom, before trying to jump out of a window. When members of staff attempted to restrain him he continued to use choice terms of verbal abuse before spitting at them. Clearly such behaviour is unacceptable.

Enclosed is a copy of the appeal guidelines for your information. If you wish to appeal, please complete the attached form EXCL/1, setting out your grounds of appeal, and accompanied copies of any documents which you intend to introduce at the hearing within 15 school days of the Governors' decision to confirm XXXX's permanent exclusion.

You should have already received a copy of the minutes of the Governor's Disciplinary Meeting. We wish to draw to your attention the comments made by Mr M---- (Headteacher) regarding your child's exclusion:

"XXXX has displayed disappointing behaviour for the past few terms, which a series of fixed-term exclusions have failed to remedy. He has been uncooperative, unhelpful, and particularly rude to teaching staff. Although he works hard in his favourite lessons, Chemistry and Design Technology, he makes very little use of his intellectual potential in other areas.

"XXXX has made it quite clear that he feels that he has no further use for formal education. The limits of his recent behaviour indicate an almost conscious desire to be expelled. What then makes his final act of insubordination particularly upsetting is its lack of originality and panache.

XXXX is clearly intelligent, and capable of dark cunning with regards to subversion of school authority; yet this crude verbal abuse and brute violence are the mark of a lesser man. Any Neanderthal can wiled genitalia-base phrases. Had XXXX perhaps put his lessons to use to construct, say, a chemical-based weapon or blueprints of underground passages of the school then we would have had less cause to exclude him. Even a more original line of abusive repartee coupled with a Zorro-style leap from the school window would have been acceptable. XXXX's final acts however indicate that he is, if not deeply unoriginal, then deeply lax in his thinking. This coupled with his lack of repect for the teaching staff's intellect indicate that he is no longer welcome at XXXX. There is no place for laziness and sloppiness of action here."

It is advisable to take a few days to consider carefully the grounds for appeal before deciding to proceed. Your right of appeal expires on 7th February 2003. There is no provision for extending this date. If you indicate that you do not wish to appeal, that decision is final and binding.

If you have any questions about any of these matters, please contact the Area Reintegration Officer, XXX XXXX, on XXXXXX.

Yours sincerely


Exclusions Officer


Area Reintegration Officer

Headteacher XXXXXX School

Chair of Governors XXXXXX School


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