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20 October 2003
George makes life choices

We planned it on the bed, his hand in my hair.

"It doesn't have to be at the same time" he said. "It would be better if it wasn't or it might look like some gay Romeo and Juliet love pact".

"They didn't mean to both die together" I said, but I knew what he meant, "but it'll be shit if you go first and I have to wait it out. What about at the same time, but in different places? You can do it in your flat and I'll do it in... in the Maldives."

J bit my ear. "Bitch. You can do it in Camberwell and I'll do it in the sunshine."

He made tea and I could hear him rustling through the cupboard under the sink for garibaldi biscuits. The computer hummed through the Goldfrapp playing down low, and I was feeling better already. The taste and texture of sand in my mouth had gone and my headache was dissipating too. I felt more awake than I had in weeks and when J came back in, I realised that I was hungry again.

We didn't speak as J sipped his tea and I dispensed of several garabaldis by sucking them. I was thinking and planning what came next in the new condensed time. I could start up and run a small business and then burn it to the ground. I could tell my brother exactly what I thought of his behaviour towards his estranged daughter and her mother. I could buy that suit. I could buy several suits.

The line J's forehead showed that he was as deep in thought as I was. I licked his eyebrow to break his concentration.

"I don't know whether to max out my credit cards" he mumbled into my neck. "I mean, I want shit-hot quality of life, but I don't want to be in court for the last months. And eating; should I eat a lot? I mean, fuck the diet for the next three years obviously, but I don't want to be the fattest corpse in the Maldives. And fat people sweat more in hot weather, so I'd be the fattest, sweatiest corpse that the Maldivian coroners would ever see."

"Camberwell coroner" I corrected him, "and the trick will be to go through savings before cards. And we can work through our pensions. We could even spend some on liposuction so that you won't have to compromise on the lobsters and suckling pig."

There was telling my boss to fuck off, finishing the short stories, tracking down Henry Judder from school to let him know what a crush I'd had on him, not having to worry about J leaving and spending my pensionable days alone and gin-soaked. There were Broadway shows in New York, art galleries in Paris and beaches in Thailand. There was going quietly with no raging against the dying of the light; I would be bathed in light for the next 3 years.

J brushed the biscuit crumbs off the duvet. "I could get tattoos and a Prince Albert".

I was feeling so much better already.


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