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Plaice that Funky Music, Whitebait

5 August 2002
George wishes she was writing Pass Notes

Name of the game

Sardines in Nightclubs

Numbers of players

Minimum 3; Maximum - (NB. For very high numbers of players, a list should be kept by the "sardine" of the names of all players)


Nightclub (crowded); a busy wine-bar or pub may substitute if needs be.

How to play

For the first game one player is chosen (by whichever desired means) as the "sardine". S/he is then given an allocated time period (usually 2 minutes) to hide. The remaining players then split up to hunt for the sardine. When a player finds the sardine, they hid with him/her. This continues until the last player finds the hidden group; for all games thereafter, the last player to find the group becomes the new sardine.

Hiding places

The group must decide whether any hiding places are off-limits. Examples may include the toilet areas (if gender-specific), behind the bar, in the cloakroom etc.

You're having a laugh aren't you? I remember sardines, playing it at parties when I was 8. So what's the point of playing it in nightclubs? Why not just dance or try to pull? Bloody Oxford graduates

Because it's sheer genius. Think about it - you spend most of the time in a nightclub wandering round trying to find your mates. Why not turn that wasted time into a thrilling game for all the gang?


Seriously, you'll love it.

And you've played this, have you?

Yes! In a split-level pub/club in Brighton. Meredith was the first sardine and hid in a corner of the dancefloor. When a few of us had found her, the DJ boomed "And this one's for you people sitting on the floor - come on, get up and dance!" Despite frantic hand-gesturing he continued to draw attention to us for a good few minutes. Then Richard hid under a table (belonging to people he didn't know); when I found him it was very disconcerting to see his little eyes peering up from between their legs. Finally Jo wedged himself into an alcove - most of us fitted in there until security gave us funny looks.


No, really!

But what about pulling?

You're not thinking this through, are you? Just find the lovely that you're after, intrigue them with the game you're playing and persuade them to cram into a tight space with you, all in the name of sport! Cracking! Marvellous!

Not to be confused with

Wink Murder in Restaurants, Musical Chairs at Weddings.

Don't say

What are you doing under that podium? Get up and dance!

Do say

Room for a little one in there?


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