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3 October 2002
George makes use of the old grey matter.

Eye_Pop: Do ya know what I mean tho? How are U meant 2 have a hot time with your girl and your branes if there's no hands?

Droolz: Dam straight. Its just scientists and the government trying to scare us...won't stop me 2nite with Jess, Ive been saving these bodies for a week now! ; )

Branes992: Braaaannnneeess....

LegGurl: A week!!??!! LOL - Droolz, you best take care out there ; )

Droolz: Yeh but shes worth it!! Gonna to find it hard to keep my *hands* offa her!!

Eye_Pop: yuk yuk!

LegGurl: U just keep your *hands* 2 urself!!!

(Extract, GoodLookin'Corpse online bulletin board, October 1997)

...and whilst the fear in the community at that time cannot be underestimated, the factor of social isolation has so far been overlooked by many historians studying the effects of the CJD phenomenon. Blood checks and meal-diaries become compulsory after the winter at all city limits in an attempt to geographically "fence in" the disease (which, naturally was unsuccessful). Although this tactic was abandoned soon after the Kingsland/Rhoda paper was published and publicised, the damage caused to the social and familial networks of z-families at this time was hard-hitting and irreveseble. Grandmas were unable to visit grandchildren; lovers were separated by the jobsworths at the "Bloodcheck" booths. Ironically the introduction of the ss-policy, rather than acting as a catalyst for cohesion, brought further confusion and suspicion as to the nature of the disease....

(pp41-2, Red Hands, FR Guastif, Cambridge University Press)

...given that silver (pure or alloy) provided lowest prion concentration (James et al, 2000) it would appear that a prevention may now be possible.

An unconventional solution

Whilst transmission through direct contact is inevitable, the difference between the trial groups and the control groups in this study is noticibly large. Yanacek's work on the increased risks of hand-to-mouth contact in longer-dead Caribbean z-families (1991) provides valuable information about the risks of contraction through this near-universal feeding method; this is backed by studies demonstrating the relative safety of non-manual feeding (Saxey, 1988; Cleaver et al, 1993). We propose a new solution, one which will allow the continuation of z-social rites together but in a new safer context...

(Contraction and Prevention of CJD via Ag-based Feeds, Kingsland A & Rhoda S, Journal of Z-Biology 23:2)

...Geoff hesitated as he ran his hand down her moth-grey skin. God, but she was one cold sexy bitch! He wasn't sure that he could control himself for much longer as he stroked her oiled locks, and gave an empassioned grunt.

Susie looked up as though she sensed his urgency, and flashed Geoff a naughty, horny grin. Taking his hand away from her face, she moved it down, down to the body lying between them and placed it on the neck. Geoff was shocked - he'd never had a lady be so forward with him! Sending a quick prayer skywards for what he was about to receive, he reached forward to scoop a handful of the brains out.

To his surprise though, Susie reached out her elegant slim arm and stopped him. "Not like that - that's not how I want it..." she murmured. Geoff stopped in his tracks, confused; her actions were saying yes, but to stop it now?...

He watched as she reached back into her pink fake-fur rucksack and pulled out a shining silver spoon. Under his entranced gaze Susie brought the spoon to her decayed lips and ran her tongue down the length it.

Frozen with lust Geoff could barely respond as she leaned in close and whispered "I don't want it like that, Geoff. I want you to feed me - with the spoon..."....

(pp 75, SaferSpoony, Keith L, Viragon Press, 1999)

GLC100: Any1 want to see my pics? Real action!

HotEyeball: _WOW_!!

Hairbear: U can see everything! hot damn, GLC!

Spoon_Shyne: wot r the bright bits? cant see everything...

Spoon_Shyne: oh...I am _sooo_ embarresed!!

GLC100: U know what they R then?

HotEyeball: are they yours?

GLC100: Real silver my friend, and engraved with my name...z-girls go cold for them...

Spoon_Shyne: my ex had his engraved, they were really cool ;)

Hairbear: shyne, as a girl would you say that the brains taste better like that...???

(Extract, Freeky Z-ky UBBS online bulletin board, October 2002)


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