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Porn Pants

3 September 2001
Fully Qualified Nail Beautician Dr Georgina Answers All Of Your Questions

Porn Pants. So. Tell me more.

Porn Pants! The answer to all of your lingerie dreams! They're the neon, black and white sparkly wisps of knickers (and they have matching padded bras, but they're only half the fun) that Linda Lovelace would be proud of. The little pieces of nylon bright pink static that could masquerade as dental floss if you don't look twice. Modelled in many classic titles such as "Stripper Nurses", "Cheerleaders Locker Room III" and "Lady Chatterly's Five Lovers", they're tiny and they're fabulous.

How will I recognize them at 50 paces?

Let's start with the colours. There haven't been yellows this violent or greens this glowing since your good doctor here was a toddler in the early Eighties. Marks and Sparks they ain't. Dr Georgina's orange lace porn pants have given off readings on a Geiger Counter. If they have sequins they can also double as mirror balls.

Then there are the fabrics. Nylon lace. Nylon fishnet. Nylon nylon. If it ain't flammable it ain't porn. Be careful who you excite in these babies - the fires of passion may get more literal than you imagine.

And finally, the cut. Right up between the butt-cheeks. Porn pants are very much like Tara Palmer-Tompkinson: entirely decorative and utterly lacking in physical purpose. And very much up their own arse.

Wherein lies the fabulosity?

These are the knickers that your mother warned you about. The ones that only the sluttish girls wore with their white leather skirts hiked up around their waist, with the porn pants draped around their white leather pixie boots. Time have changed (those pixie boots are seen in all the best Hoxton bars now) but attitudes haven't. And there lies the thrill. The utter badness, naughtiness and sluttishness of these beauties make them more forbidden than hedgehog abuse. The maternal displeasure is also entertaining - when Dr Georgina's mother found her daughter's first pair (a very demure navy blue) she was most disapproving. And, dagnammit, they're fun! They're foolish! They spit on sensible big pants that keep your arse warm in winter and dance round their handbag. They'd probably drink blue cocktails with sparklers in if they could.

Wearing them under very proper clothes is also a thrill. Dr Georgina took her interview for Nail College in a severely tailored black FCUK suit and a tiny sparkling red pair of porn pants. She passed with flying colours.

Should I wear them for my girl/boyfriend?

If you want to.

But won't they think that I'm a tart?

They might. Or a stripper. Or a fully-qualified nail beautician: reactions vary. But whatever they think is up to them. Really, you should be wearing porn pants for you. Because you like blue leopardskin undies, or because you find purple sequins comforting; maybe pink camouflage material remind your of your schooldays. But whatever your reasons, your loverman/lass should still recognise that, under the pants is the foxy chick that they love. If they can't see beyond the pants, pack them.

Word to the wise: If your partner starts demanding that you wear porn pants all the time, don't feel that you have too. Porn pants are like olives - you may find it takes some time before you grow to like them. Only wear porn pants if you're comfortable with them.

Ace! Where can I get some?

The usual suspects: Topshop, Miss Selfridge and Ann Summers. And (ahem) the specialist adult bookshops. Probably; Dr Georgina wouldn't know anything about them.

Cool. Can I get a matching manicure?

Come and see Dr Georgina afterwards or drop her an email ( Prices depend on the state of your nails and the type of lingerie.


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