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Body Art

26 October 2000
Victor auctions his liver.

Decided it's time I bought into the art boom. Well, I say buy, but I'm the one who's going to be paid. Vent R Spleen, my performance arts group, is really taking off, and whilst Cornelius and Daisy, my creative partners, have reservations about the direction in which we're heading, I'm convinced that this one is going to be our big break.

So what's the plan? Well, I have observed for a number of years the trend in the art world towards the exhibiting of animal remains: cloven cows with cloven cloven hooves, demi-sheep, pigs in space. It's so gross it's arresting - art imitating the life and death of the slaughterhouse. The phenomenal popularity of these instillations and the extreme reactions which they provoke have led me to develop a strategy by means of which to take modern mimesis a step further.

The next logical step is to take organ display out of the zoo and into the hospital. Yeah, yeah, dead people's parts in glass cases, done before. No. We're not talking deceased diseased, we're talking mine. And my friends. As many of you who want to.

Picture this: I'm in the Louvre, pointing at my own kidney in a jar. My remaining self and the divorced morsel a coherent whole, whilst separately symbolising life and death respectively. In a jar I am a regenerative motif, as potent as a dead baby covered in excrement. On a petri dish I am a Platonic dualism, soul and body in two different places.

We're starting quite modestly, with a few skin flakes, toenails, eyelashes, nether hairs. But the interesting bit will be that which enjoys the added benefit of surgical removal. The art is in removing components which don't need to be extracted or which aren't discarded of their own accord. Get the body out of me, and my soul will be there in a higher proportion. Watch as the me in the glass case gradually grows bigger than the me gesturing at it. Marvel at the passing of a life dedicated to art into art.

I've got a schedule for the next few months. Join me if you can, and lend a hand in any way you feel, be it with a bodily pledge, a camera or a scalpel:

8th November: Finger: Wallmart, Boyse, Idaho

23rd November: Appendix: Sacred Temple of Khrishnan Gurumurthi, Brahmaputra

14th December: Right Lung: Chapel of Rest gallery, Southampton General Hospital

27th December: Liver: Outside the Louvre Pyramid.

3rd January: Limbs: Fuji Building, Tokyo (pointing to be performed from this date by Tom Litt).


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