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Relevant experience

6 March 2003
Victor's gone all sincere

Being a grown-up is more complicated than I could ever have imagined. I am in a fulfilling and loving relationship with a man who claims that he does not love me and does not see a long-term future for us.

What in my education prepared me for this? Where was the training to enable me to decide if this is enough for me? Do I continue in the hope that in time he will realise his true feelings for me? Should I be affronted that he doesn't feel them in the first place? Should I be reviewing my own expectations? Do I tell him to fuck off?

Modern culture does not fit us for situations like this. In film, theatre and music, lovers are ill-starred because parents object, someone is married to someone else, etc. - in short, because they are prevented from being together. Relationships come to an end through bereavement or because one or both partners want to leave. Beguiled into thinking that life is more simple than in fact it is, I now have no rationalizing frame of reference for comprehending a scenario in which someone can be happy in a relationship whilst apparently not being in love.

This absence is due, I think, to the fact that the media has not yet caught up with the most fundamental modern malaise. Until very recently a boy/girl found a boy/girl who s/he liked a lot, and decided to love him/her. No-one questioned whether the feelings s/he had really were love with a capital "l" or affection for a companion. Couples courted, got married and either worked at or resigned themselves to their problems.

Now there is far too much choice, and consequently - so a divorce expert would tell you - no staying power. The grass is greener well before one contemplates an affair: there is always the sense that in putting one's eggs in one basket with Person A, there may be a missed opportunity with Person B just around the corner. And just to add to our troubles, many of us suffer from the romantic ideal: bombarded with images of tortured infatuation, we think that love is a thunderbolt or something angelic, something fluffy. The idea of love has no bearing on reality whatsoever, but still we strive to find the best wo/man in the world...ever, as opposed to loving a partnership that works. Striving for the best is admirable; it certainly does not guarantee contentment or happiness (whatever they are).

So this is, I think, how I came to be in this mess. Two intelligent, independent individuals share their lives and a relationship which many couples would give their eye teeth for. He doesn't think it's love, and admits that he probably doesn't know what love is; she doesn't know if she should stand for that. Is this beyond navel- gazing or a legitimate crisis? To which episode of Friends or Cold Feet should I turn for help?

And suddenly I realise that I've written a first-person narrative for Sex and the City.


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