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Dry Humping Social Club

2 September 2002
Victor reports from the Home Counties

I joined Brian at his parents' home in Rickmansworth. Over tea and biscuits he described his typical Friday night.

"I like to start getting ready quite early to look nice for the ladies. It's always worth making an effort to get the best pickings." Brian is not unattractive - tall, brunette, imposing - and it occurs to me that he can probably have his way with any Hertfordshire beauty he chooses. He confirms this. "Not that I've ever had any trouble getting girls, know what I mean?"

Brian is a devout Christian. At 28 he is the oldest member of the British arm of Heaven Can Wait, the US organisation which advocates celibacy before marriage. "Even if I didn't have my faith, I would probably still want to wait for Miss Right. My parents have a very special, loving relationship. Something like that doesn't come along every day, and I'm sure it would be worth the wait. Sex will be so much more special if I experience it with one person whom I really and truly love".

Admirable sentiments in these times when young people are encouraged to seek instant gratification for all their desires. "Friday night is the highlight of the week for me. I usually go out for a curry with the lads from work (Brian is a callcentre operative), perhaps a drink in town, then off to St Nic's for 9pm. That's when everything kicks off".

Some kind of prayer meeting or reading group, I ask? "Branch meeting of Heaven Can Wait", Brian replies after a gulp of tea. "Father Peter allows us to explore our feelings of lust without actually committing sin". I had heard about devout Christian couples who, whilst waiting to get married, had nevertheless enjoyed an active sex life: it seems that for many followers only penetrative sex is taboo, rightfully reserved for a relationship in which the production of children is likely and welcomed. In these circumstances many couples opt for oral pleasure, stimulation by aids or frottage - dry humping. But I had never heard this kind of activity external to a long-term relationship, nor of the active involvement of the Church.

Brian registers my discomfort. "It's OK, Father Peter is really cool about it. He even puts down mattresses on the floor of the church hall. Sometimes, in winter he brings blankets, but we usually don't need them. After all, most of us keep our clothes on. And it's all very fair. We draw lots for the girls - in fact, we're not allowed to have the same one two weeks running. Then we walk them home and give them a kiss good night safe in the knowledge that we have not committed a sin in the eyes of the Lord. Sure, it can be a little messy sometimes, but one of the lads came up with the idea of wearing an incontinence pad, and it caught on with the rest of us. I suppose the girls must wear panty liners, but I'm not one hundred percent sure. You'd have to ask them."

Since I met up with Brian he has started seeing a girl whom he met at the group - Kirsten. Naturally Brian and Kirsten want to wait to have penetrative sex until they are married. But they have been expelled from the group because Brian refuses to dry hump other girls. Whilst they can of course frot in the privacy of their own (or their parents') homes, they miss the new friends they have made at the group, and this has already taken a toll on their relationship. They intend to appeal against their expulsion.


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