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What life is not

22 July 2002
Victor in philosophical mode

Life is not

- a bowl of cherries. Bowl (bol): a hemispherical vessel, wider than it is deep, used for holding food or fluids. Cherry (cher'e): a. any of several trees or shrubs of the genus Prunus, especially P. avium or P. cerasus, native chiefly to northern temperate regions and having pink or white flowers and small juicy drupes. b. The yellow, red, or blackish fruit of any of these plants.

Cherries when ripe are deepest red and juicy. Dropped carelessly into a shallow bowl of finest white porcelain they should be placed on a newly stripped oak table to bask in Mediterranean sunlight spilling in of an evening from the veranda. Stalks that are still green should be left to add rustic simplicity to the visual perfection and purity of the fruit. Life shouldn't.

- a bed of roses. Bed (bed): a piece of furniture for reclining and sleeping, typically consisting of a flat, rectangular frame and a mattress resting on springs. Rose (riz): a. any of numerous shrubs or vines of the genus Rosa, having prickly stems, pinnately compound leaves, and variously coloured, often fragrant flowers. b. the flower of any of these plants.

Remove thorns before lying down. To walk on flowers is, I would imagine, a lovely though wasteful experience; to sleep on them even more indulgent. But I'd be surprised if many people have really and truly done it. So, not like life, see?

- a box of chocolates. Box (boks): a container typically constructed with four sides perpendicular to the base and often having a lid or cover. Chocolate (chok'lit): fermented, roasted, shelled, and ground cacao seeds, often combined with a sweetener or flavouring agent.

"You never know which one you're gonna get"? Which what? Eighty per cent of US soldiers serving in Vietnam were certified retards. Fact.

- like a butterfly. Butterfly (but'er-fli'): any of various insects of the order Lepidoptera, characteristically having slender bodies, knobbed antennae, and four broad, usually colourful wings.

"Life is like a butterfly". So went the theme tune of the late Seventies sitcom "Butterflies", which starred Wendy Craig and Geoffrey Palmer and launched the career of Nicholas "Rodney" Lyndhurst. The hook was that the family was so unhappy being a family. As a result we laughed at people having affairs, getting cancer, etc. Nice idea, but that's life, not a butterfly. A butterfly lives for a year. Most people hope to live longer. Life can't be anything like an insect with brightly coloured wings. And if it is, why can't I fly?

- a beach. Beach (bech): the shore of a body of water, especially when sandy or pebbly.

The one is my favourite place, the other currently not. The former straddles - and has the best of - both worlds. True, the sun shines on both, but the beach is much more consistent in this regard. I'd like to be able to sit on life, but haven't yet worked out how.

- a bitch. Bitch (bich): a female canine animal, especially a dog.

Genevrally better behaved than the male, but a nuisance to white upholstery when in season. The right bitch is light brown with a beard, wiry-haired, smelling slightly of damp, good at catching and swimming, occasionally performing circus tricks for no reward but the fun of it; preferably capable of biting apples off trees, swinging on washing lines by her teeth, canoeing and catching balloons without bursting them. Life is, therefore, not a bitch. But love is.


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