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Blind weed

10 September 2001
Victor's down by the water

A once great river, the Leen. An aorta proudly serving the city. No longer. Now the poor cousin of the canal, waterway to nowhere. Until the dawn of the last century two thirds of all industrial traffic used to pass this way. You'd have to advertise for ducks.

I've spent most of my life by it. Fishing as a kid with my dad, mostly for algae - wasn't much else. That didn't matter: as with all fishing it's not what you catch, it's the time you spend in quiet contemplation. Then there was the phase when I chucked anything I could into it - bike wheels, drink cartons. I admit that I haven't done my utmost to halt its demise. Sneaky fags down by the reeds on the way home from school, buoyed up by our fear of being discovered by parents, teachers, parents' friends, teachers' friends, the school grass.

Here, where the path forks off up to the industrial estate, I dumped Kim. We must have been going out nearly six months. Then one day I found out she'd been copping off with Pete Simmonds all that time. I can't say I was surprised - I wasn't much of a boyfriend. I didn't even want to split up with her, so I can't have liked her that much. I mean, I didn't really care that she'd been with another bloke. I just knew that the slighted man was supposed to get rid of the cheating girlfriend. I should have realised sooner that you don't have to do things just because you're supposed to.

It looks a bit different know: ten years ago they tried to they tried to turn this area into a nature reserve, with wildfowl, decked walkways and the like. There was a viewing gallery, too, a kind of caboose. As with most such projects, the site was never maintained: the viewing gallery, an enticement to my successors in juvenile smoking and an obvious relief to the homeless, burned down. The decking, rotten and crumbling and all too often pilfered for makeshift cricket, cries the death of fun through nature. God chucked them out of a Chinook, and they were scattered.

It's hard to create a haven in the shadow of a ring-road. I am aware that herons do not react favourably to juggernauts. Funny, in my youth I was desperate to get away from this estate - the violent, depressive boredom and drudgery, the petty squalor. Now I'm just passing through, on a daily basis, with all the other media types from fashionably natty-tatty homes on the cute side of the river. Don't stop to have a look. Keep going.

To work, where I watch the women fitting small parts to the kind of gifts which come free with children's confectionery (SMALL PARTS: UNSUITABLE FOR CHILDREN UNDER 3 YEARS). Rows of fluorescent strip lights on chains in the style of a sports hall in the early eighties, or an industrial kitchen. I didn't work my way up the company for this. I didn't work my way up. I was drafted in from head office to "facilitate the streamlining of resources in middle management". Middle management went; I stayed and replaced them. One man can now do the work of eight, apparently. And in my more relaxed moments I have the leisure to fret about my failing eyesight, my inability to read the time on the clock at the far end of the hangar, the perils of VDUs.

Goes the siren, and seven hundred tabards file out of the day. Back on the path the bind weed turns my head, a beautiful Keefian trumpet on a stem of strangulation. I may not be able to see to well, but I can still smell, and this place smells of failure. A graffito on the wall warns me, "Wacth ya back". No more.


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