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Sucking face (in a public place)

6 October 2003
Victor holds the school snogging record.

The couple who stare at each other for minutes unbroken behind steamy café windows; the couple that everyone tries to ignore in the corner of the pub; the couple who forgets to eat. That's me and you - us. We started to suck face, and now we can't stop.

Kissing when you can no longer stand up, sit upright, keep your eyes open. This is what it's all about, and it is the most important thing in the world. It restores faith - in romantic love, in the possibility of real intimacy, in the benefits of a diet of endless cups of tea.

My sister (who's 14) says her mate Jodie snogged her mate Tom in her bedroom wardrobe for 45 minutes. At 17 hours we've beaten them tongues down. At their age I snogged all over the place - the squash courts, the biology lab, the tuck shop after hours - because a shag was out of the question. It was a case not so much of articulating my passion as of tonguing until I passed out through lack of oxygen.

Somehow we have remembered how to kiss for kissing's sake, regaining the intensity of teenagers for whom it isn't merely foreplay. Adolescent languor returns too, and a slower pace of life: lazing around all day talking, laughing, listening to music, skulking around so as not to get caught by adults. It's a throwback to the Golden Age, before man knew how to fashion weapons, when crops sprung up by themselves. But now that we can kiss with confidence, we find that we have ourselves become an object of embarrassment for the local youth, next door's nine year old tomboy voicing her disgust in no uncertain terms.

Snogging repels only those not currently engaged in it themselves: we are oblivious to the working mother queuing behind us at the cash machine, the lads propping up the bar, the old dear in the home baking aisle. They are reminded of what they have been missing, what has been long lost or forgotten. We reopen old wounds of briefly requited, now lost love, hidden pain, suppressed grief. We make this loss visible, inescapable.

"Can't they save that for later when they're on their own?" As far as we're concerned, we are. We are heroes, mighty warriors locked in brutal, bittersweet, mouth-to-mouth combat. We are convinced that no one else has ever experienced anything like this; we are stronger, faster, more intelligent. Previous lovers eat dust as we charge across the battlefield.

And somewhere in the back of my mind an awkward question presents itself, "Who am I fighting - them or you?" I'll try not to let it spoil things.


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