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Stupor heroes

1 July 2002
Victor doesn't wear pants, let alone trousers.

Pensive Parrot was in a bit of a quandary. He had always known that it wouldn't be easy convincing the citizens that he should be their first choice of superhero. After all, he was the new kid on the block, and had only stepped in to the brink when Reckless Rat had attempted to put out a burning office block by throwing himself on it. Pensive Parrot's costume was first class: over his lush green feathers and plump torso rippled red tights and leotard and yellow pants emblazoned with a gold intertwined PP logo. He was, he hoped, the very image of the athletic lovebird. He had put up calling cards in all the 'phone booths downtown. But after three and a half weeks he had not had a single call for help.

In response to this sentiment the phone jumped into life: 'Please hurry. My kittens are stuck on the roof. Bastard Bulldog is circling in the garden, and he's hungry! You're my only hope. It's 2307 Gallimore Avenue, Eden Hills'. Parrot was astounded. It was his first call-out! He donned his pantomime boots, picked up his front door keys, and prepared to leave the house. But while he was putting on his gloves, the thought occurred to him that he couldn't remember how to get to Eden Hills, and had never even heard of Gallimore Avenue. He'd have to consult the A to Z.

But then he realised, as he had done before, that the street index page had been ripped out by his playful niece and used as drawing paper. He determined to guess the general area and flick through until he saw the district marked in bold. He didn't see it, so he had to start at the front of the book and work his way through. While he was doing this there was a knock at the door. 'Who is it?', asked Pensive Parrot. 'It's me, Cautious Calf!', mooed the other. 'Come in. The door's open.'

'What you doin', Parrot?'

'I'm looking for an address in Eden Hills. I got my first call-out! You heard of Gallimore Avenue?'

'Aw, Parrot, I'm not sure you wanna go there. There's dogs and stuff. And how you gonna get there? There aren't any buses out there on a Sunday, and a cab would be expensive.'

'I thought I might walk to Central Station and get the subway from there.'

'Are you crazy? The cat gangs on the train would eat you alive - lone bird and all. Besides, the forecast says it's going to rain. You don't wanna catch a cold now, do you?'

Cautious Calf's costume was similar to his friend's, with one exception. In place of the underpant Ps Calf had a large red exclamation mark on his white chest, which appeared to act as a permanent pointer to his anxious expression. In addition he looked - well, somewhat cow-eyed.

'So, what would you suggest?' asked Parrot.

'Maybe you could give her a call back, tell her something's come up and excuse yourself. I think, all things considered, that you'd be better off not doing this one. I mean, why rush into things just 'cos it's your first time? Look, I'll put on some coffee while you have a think about it.'

'OK. Maybe you're right. Checkers?'

Across town, little Kevin Kitten lost his footing on the pitch of the family roof and slowly began to slide down the front. As his furry behind bumped on the edge of each slate he scrabbled in terror to get a hold of the guttering, his last defence from certain death. He missed, and fell straight down into the jaws of Bastard Bulldog. In sight of his mother Kevin's head and bones were crushed beyond recognition.

It was Parrot's move, but he was deep in thought. He was - what's the word?


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