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16 August 2001
Victor peers into the lives of the bitch and scabrous.

This week, Snout! talks to Tarnia Heathcliff-Slutt about her loves, her favourite listening, and how she spends her Sunday evenings.

Born in 1975, the elder daughter of Lord and Lady Lavenham, Tarnia was educated at the Lucy Graves Academy, Grenoble and at Durham University. She works in Public Relations and lives in London and Gloucestershire.

Who is the love of your life?

Ooh. Hard to say. There are so many. At the moment it's my miniature greyhound, Ambience (pronounced Ombionce, as the French). I rescued him from Battersea last May, and since then he has gone everywhere with me. My long-standing companion Clifford, a Chinese crested powder puff, died last year after a prolonged battle with behavioural problems. Before that I had a man.

What are the two most recent albums you have bought?

David Gray - White Ladder, recommended to me by one of the patients at the Outreach centre where I work, unpaid, one day a week. It's so genuine, from the heart. The last was Ministry of Sound Summer 2001 Volume 2. It's my soundtrack to the summer - hard house, big beats, chilled grooves. It reminds me of last year in Ibiza, and the time I spent winding down afterwards.

How have you spent the last few days?

At an inner wellbeing workshop in Shropshire. I lead a really hectic life, and often have to juggle public appearances with my regular work, so I felt I needed to learn some relaxation techniques and complimentary therapies. The tutors there also taught me how to actively listen to my body's needs; I can now tell when I need to slow down, take it easy, sleep, even eat.

What are your plans for the immediate future?

I'm having a bit of a rest for the next few weeks - I've been working too hard recently, so I'm going to spend some time with a poet friend of mine in Cephalonia. After that I'll be going back to work for a few days. I certainly have some projects in the pipeline - my beauty range is currently in production, and Donatella's agents have asked me to model for her London show next season.

You've been spotted in the company of art doyen Henry Dene-Cunklehurst. Are you two an item?

Harry and I are friends from way back. I've seen quite a lot of him recently because of his contacts in the music world. Thanks to him I'm now in talks with the people at Tube Records. Henry's very happy with Carla at the moment - she's a simply gorgeous model from Brazil.

What would you like to achieve if you had more time?

Well, I'd like to be around more for Ambience. I do feel I neglect him somewhat. There's a new scheme for disadvantaged lower middle class children in the Home Counties - I would love to offer them my services were I not so bus(t)y. And of course there are the cheetahs out in Tanzania, whom I met whilst working for Comic Relief in 1998. Someone should do something about their awful conditions.

What would you like to be remembered for?

Making the world a slightly happier and more caring place. I'd like to think that in my own small way I have been an ambassador for peace.

Tarnia Heathcliff-Slutt is currently appearing in Les Miserables at the Prince of Wales Theatre. Next week, Snout! asks celebrity gardener Haydn Tod what he does when he takes his gloves off.


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