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18 April 2002
Victor strikes a blow for the ruddy everywhere.

In the realm of the senses the ginger man is king. You may think that he is the pasty pariah of the bedroom, a Celtic throwback with no place in the Mediterranean climate of modern love action. I say PISH! You Enrique fanatics know nothing about true passion. Come follow me on a tour of the minge that is ginge.

Now I'm aware that my point of view is not a popular one: most of this essay will serve as an apology (in the strict rhetorical sense - I don't feel I have anything to apologise for). But I concede that it's time I faced up to my preferences and lived up to my reputation.

For I like ginger - men, children, dogs, cats, possibly even ladies. You see freckles and gauchery; I see statuesque beauty, and the intense attraction of a fiery temperament. But I am alone, and I cannot continue without your support.

Next Tuesday I will change my name from Victor Barnes to Ginger Minge-Ninja (the double barrel adding an overtone of sophistication). I will then embark on an epic journey, starting from Greenwich, London, UK, on which I will service every redhead I encounter. I have an excellent costume, uniquely suited to the task: a furry orange masquerade mask and a black lycra all-in-one (crotchless).

Gingers, I do not intend to hunt you out. Even though my sensory powers are most acute, this would be far too time-consuming. You have to do some of the work by placing yourselves on my route to Dover and the world. No need to hold a sign: the hair will tell me why you're there, right? And don't worry about the unsuspecting redheads who get caught up in all of this. They can only benefit from my targeted promiscuity: go out to see the Cutty Sark and Gipsy Moth, come back with a blow-job. BONUS.

Some of you will be feeling a little left out, and I know who you are. You're the true gingers, red down below. Don't worry, you're OK. You can come too, as long as you can show me proof. No time-wasters, please. You'll just have to drop your pants in the street. This trip is time-critical. So many gingers...

But you don't get anything for free in this world. As you may well imagine, the trip will be very costly, and way beyond my means. Even if I restrain myself to the target areas of the UK, Ireland, North America and Australasia, current projections suggest that I will be on my goodwill mission for the next fifty years. I can do this only through the sustained support and generous donations of the general public.

20 GBP will feed the Ginger Minge-Ninja for a day; 150 GBP will accommodate it in budget to moderately priced hotels for a week. 1000 GBP will cover extraordinary expenditure (clothes, prophylactica, essential sight-seeing) for up to one month. But this isn't for me: it's for the sex-starved millions, the redheads crippled by the debt incurred from necessary expenditure on the enticements of vodka and Rohypnol. Every year in Britain alone tens of thousands resign themselves to solitary hand-shandy due to the persecution of Celtic physical attributes. But like the white settlers in Australia we are in danger of condemning our indigenous peoples to extinction. Ginger recompense has long been overdue. I just happen to be the (wo)man for the job.

Please help. Together we can make a difference.

Ginger Minge-Ninja is a registered charity No. 2764393


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