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6 June 2002
Victor's life has never been blockage-free

Until the age of five I lived with my mother, father, two dogs and a goat on the Lancashire moors, not too far from the spot where Myra Hindley and Ian Brady had interred most of their victims. Our road was spooky to say the least: in the foreground of the vista from both the lounge and my bedroom was a smoke-blackened church and adjacent graveyard, a scene of forbidding Pennine austerity with which the Brontés would gladly have identified.

The house, one of a row of railway workers' cottages, was dark and cold, even in summer. Despite attempts to brighten up the rooms with Dulux Apple, Barley and Rose Whites, the king of early Eighties aspirational emulsions, it remained a fairly uninviting place. I used to have trouble getting to sleep at nights. Lying awake in the twilight I would hear the banging of the nineteenth-century water pipes and conclude that there was a monster under the stairs. Years later my mother has admitted that there quite probably had been a monster under the stairs, and that I had been allocated a bedroom in which a girl had hanged herself some seventy years previously.

To make things worse, my Dad's favourite LP at the time was Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds. He played it right through - the powerful cuts of the opening violins, Richard Burton's narration, Justin Hayward from The Moody Blues doing Autumn Leaves ('But you're not here...', etc.). On a typical weekend I could be found looking out through the bulls-eye glass of the front window, indulging my overactive imagination with the approach up the drive of a host of tripod Martians, perhaps with one in the background putting his leg through the steeple of the church, just like he did to the warship in the artwork. It never occurred to me that they probably wouldn't be that bothered about hotfooting it to Rochdale.

Little wonder, then, that I developed constipation. Along with the excruciatingly tight pain of immersing newly-scabbed knees in the bath, the most striking physical memory of that time is of straining at stool in the top bathroom. I would sit on the toilet for what seemed like hours, unable to evacuate. After some time, certainly, Mum would come up to see if I was OK, doubtless to make sure that I hadn't fallen in the bowl and drowned. She would then advise me to 'squeeze my knees', an instruction which itself became so regular that in time she gave up the visits and used instead to shout it from the kitchen.

I don't think there is any sound physiological basis for this suggestion: rather, I suspect that it had worked for her. I was a most obedient child, so I sat on the seat and squeezed my knees. Sometimes it worked; sometimes it didn't. I suppose at a very general level that through the act of squeezing my arms tensed, making my upper body taut, in turn working my stomach muscles, colon, anus.

Whilst I hung on to my mortal fear of the War of the Worlds soundtrack, to the extent that that disembodied whistle still sets me running quicker than a rat up a drainpipe, the constipation passed, to be replaced by Irritable Bowel Syndrome - daily life still (to coin a North-Western phrase) plays merry hell with me nerves, but I can now shit five times in as many hours.

If there is a hangover from my childhood encumbrance it is a mental one, a block of which I have become acutely aware in recent weeks. Having written for a living, I can no longer write: faeces are backed up along the colon of my creative process, and I fear that they will eventually be sicked up through my stomach. So I sit at (swivel computer) stool - flexing and tensing; flexing and tensing; one more time - in the hope that alternation of pressure and release will facilitate the easy flow of shit.

High and ---? I'm squeezing, but nothing's coming out.


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